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Why You Need A Professional License Defense Attorney

December 31, 2016 by SC Professional License Defense Attorney

Your Professional License Defense Attorney Can Defend Your License, Protect Your Livelihood

If a complaint has been initiated against your professional license, you should strongly consider consulting a professional license defense attorney regarding the best way to proceed to ensure that you protect your professional license.  Regardless of whether the complaint initiated against your license is pending at the investigative stage or assigned to an attorney in the office of disciplinary counsel with an offer of a proposed consent agreement or in anticipation of a hearing, our license defense team is here to advise you regarding the administrative process and what to expect. We routinely work with LLR investigators and attorneys and will work hard to are here to help you defend your professional license. Our professional license defense attorneys offer an initial consultation to learn more about the allegations specific to your case and explain how we can help.

The LLR complaint process can be arduous.  Clients often tell us that its extremely difficult to focus on continued practice while dealing with an LLR licensing complaint.  Hiring a professional license defense attorney lets you focus on your continued livelihood while our attorneys deal with the case at hand.

Why Should I Hire A Professional License Defense Attorney?

The LLR administrative process does not require you to be represented by a professional license defense attorney.  However, the assistance that a professional license attorney can provide is invaluable. License cases generally include arguments based upon the evidence presented in the case.  An experienced professional license defense attorney can also help ensure that you are well prepared and know what to expect.

When Should I Hire a Professional License Defense Attorney?

A proper LLR complaint defense begins at the investigative stage. From the moment a complaint is initiated, there can be multiple concerns including protecting your interim right to continued practice, navigating through a pending criminal investigation or criminal charges, and protecting your current or prospective employment.  We strongly suggest that you consult an attorney the moment you receive notice that your license is under review.

In most cases, we strongly suggest providing a written statement at the investigative stage responding to the allegations in the complaint. Our licensing attorneys will work with you to plan the appropriate defense and help you draft a response to the allegations raised. This statement remains in your file throughout the LLR administrative process and sets the tone for your defense.  It is important to ensure that you do not overlook any potential legal or factual arguments. Although LLR bears the burden of proof, the importance of proper preparation and asserting a well-planned defense at the investigative stage cannot be underestimated.

Our Professional License Defense Attorneys Understand What is at Stake

Our licensed defense team is regularly retained by the insurance companies to defend malpractice claims. We frequently represent clients before the South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners, South Carolina Board of Nursing, and South Carolina Board of Dentistry, as well as a number of other LLR and administrative licensing boards.  Let us put our experience to use for you. 803-227-4254.