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Professional License Defense Attorneys: Strategy Is Everything

January 20, 2018 by Robyn W. Madden

Defending Your Professional License, Protecting Your Livelihood

When a client comes to us with a professional licensing issue, we understand that dealing with the professional licensing complaint is the most important thing in the client’s life at that time.  Providing an aggressive, multi-dimensional, strategic defense is ours.

Although no one can guarantee you specific results, when working with our team you can rest assured that you will have an advocate in your corner who understands the process, routinely works with LLR investigators and attorneys, and appears before the various LLR Boards. Our professional licensing defense attorneys have decades of experience defending licensed professionals and have handled hundreds of LLR related matters.  We are routinely retained by malpractice carriers to defend professional liability claims. If you are facing criminal charges, our team includes a former United States attorney who can assist you during the LLR investigative process, or help you fight criminal charges following an arrest.  We can help navigate you through employment related concerns. Our collaborative experience allows us to handle all your professional licensing needs and is an integral part of how we defend professional licensing cases.

Defending Professional Licensing Allegations

A complaint can be initiated against your professional license alleging a violation of your specific practice act, as well as what LLR refers to as the engine, the statutory provisions that apply to every practice act.   Alleged violations can include claims related to professional and personal conduct. Although every case is different, every client is given the same level of dedicated service. Turner Padget’s professional license defense attorneys will formulate your defense after contemplating all areas of the law.  You will always be provided direct attorney access and receive a prompt response.

Our clients trust us to defend their right to continue to practice, to argue against proposed public disciplinary action, and to fight practice based restrictions.  We also routinely assist clients who are referred to the South Carolina Recovering Professional Program related to drug or alcohol allegations.

Our professional license attorneys understand that when a complaint is initiated against your professional license, the complaint cannot be considered in isolation.  There are multiple issues to consider including:

  • current and future employment,
  • the impact of the current allegation upon your ability to advance your education,
  • potential or pending criminal charges,
  • questions concerning continued fitness for practice.

Failing to consider and prepare for collateral concerns, or improper timing related to a single issue, can have lasting consequences.  You’ve worked hard for your license. We understand that protecting your right to continued practice is important to your continued livelihood. We plan for these issues as we work through your defense. You deserve an experienced attorney who understands the process. We will advocate for your right to continued practice, challenge the evidence against you, and fight proposed public disciplinary action.

Professional board allegations are serious.

If you have been contacted by an investigator or received notice of an LLR board appearance, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our offer for a consultation before proceeding.

Located within 15 minutes of the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, Turner Padget’s Columbia office is conveniently located for client preparation and meeting with LLR investigators to review available evidence.  Our professional license defense attorneys are available to meet with you at our statewide offices at your convenience.  Call us today to speak directly with an attorney to learn more. 803-227-4254.