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South Carolina Alcohol Beverage License Defense

December 31, 2018 by South Carolina Alcohol Beverage License Attorney

Preparing for an Alcohol Beverage License Defense Hearing

The sale of beer, wine, and liquor in South Carolina is regulated by the South Carolina Department of Revenue. The regulations and requirements for obtaining and maintaining an alcohol beverage license can be extremely technical and difficult to navigate without the assistance of a South Carolina alcohol license lawyer. The impact of license denial, suspension, or revocation can be even more devastating. An alcohol beverage license defense attorney can help you navigate through the myriad of governing regulations.

If you have received notice that your initial application for a South Carolina alcohol beverage license will be denied and/or that you are facing administrative action against your existing alcohol beverage license, you should consider retaining an alcohol licensing lawyer.

Defending Your South Carolina ABL License

If your business depends upon obtaining or maintaining a South Carolina beer, wine, or liquor license, there are several things you should consider:

  • South Carolina’s alcohol beverage licensing laws regulate the manufacture and import, wholesale, and retail sale of alcohol. South Carolina’s alcohol beverage licensing laws differ based upon the nature of the type business and type of alcohol sold.
  • You have the right to be represented by an alcohol beverage license defense attorney whether you have filed an initial application for an ABL license, seek to protect an existing ABL license, and/or failed to timely renew your SC ABL license.
  • If a protestor seeks to impede your ability to obtain a new license, you have the right to challenge any protestor who appears for an administrative hearing and to defend your current or proposed business practices. You may also appear and argue regarding any potential impact to the surrounding business community. Your testimony will be considered. (If you have recently obtained an alcohol beverage license, we provide assistance with regulatory compliance issues including establishing protocols to help minimize the likelihood of an alcohol beverage violation.)
  • If you are facing action against an existing South Carolina alcohol beverage license, your current training practices, any prior violation(s) and your remedial corrective actions may be considered.

No matter the type of alcohol license violation, our alcohol licensing lawyer is here to help.

Defending A South Carolina Licensing Law Violation 

Common alcohol beverage license citation violations heard by the South Carolina administrative law court include:

  • Sale of alcohol to a minor;
  • After hours sales;
  • Alcohol sales beyond an approved SC ABL license, including the sale of alcohol by a private club to a non-member;
  • Selling liquor without preparing and serving food on-site;
  • Failure to timely renew a license, an allegation of bad moral character or prior criminal record.

Our regulatory and compliance attorneys are here to help with your alcohol beverage license needs. We offer an initial consultation to discuss your South Carolina alcohol beverage licensing needs. Call us today to learn more about how we can help. 803-227-4254.