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Defending a South Carolina Nursing Board Investigation

October 26, 2017 by SC Nursing Board Attorney

South Carolina Nursing Board Attorneys

A letter or a phone call from a South Carolina Board of Nursing Investigator can be extremely unnerving.  Nursing board complaints often arise in the midst of dealing with other employment related issues.  Clients frequently report receiving notice of a South Carolina Nursing Board Investigation following a recent termination or internal employment review.

When initiated, a nursing board complaint cannot be ignored. No matter the situation, our South Carolina nursing license defense attorneys are here to help.  When retained, our attorneys will deal directly with the South Carolina Nursing Board Investigator on your behalf.  We will challenge the allegations against you and prepare an aggressive statement on your behalf.

If you have received notice of a nursing board complaint and LLR investigation, a quick, confidential phone call with one of our South Carolina professional licensing attorneys may put your mind at ease. Call us today to learn more about how we can help. 803.227.4254

Your Obligations During a South Carolina Nursing Board Investigation

The steps that you take after receiving notice of the South Carolina Nursing Board Investigation are extremely important.  Failure to cooperate during the course of the investigation may result in a separate violation, and in certain circumstances, a temporary suspension order (“TSO”) preventing you from further practice until the TSO is lifted.

Tips to consider when dealing with a South Carolina Board of Nursing Complaint include:

  • If you are considering whether to hire an attorney, do not make any statements to, or answer any questions posed by, the assigned South Carolina Board of Nursing investigator.
  • Know that your attorney can ask the investigator for more information about the complaint and advise you concerning what you can expect during the process.
  • If LLR has served you or your business with a subpoena for documents, you have a legal obligation to comply.  Take the time to review the subpoena and contact the Agency or an attorney with any questions you may have.
  • Take the time to record everything that you remember about the event, the patient or client while the events are fresh in your mind. Document any witnesses and any applicable employment policies or procedures.
  • If you have been directed to go to the Recovering Professional Program (“RPP”), schedule the appointment as quickly as possible.  Failure to timely respond or cooperate can result in severe consequences including license suspension through a temporary suspension order.  RPP’s intake documents can be located here.

South Carolina Nursing Board Investigation Attorneys

Our professional license defense team understands the impact that a nursing board complaint can have upon your life, and how potential disciplinary action against your license can hurt your personal and professional livelihood.  Contact a member of our team to learn more about the process and what you can expect.