South Carolina Professional License Defense Attorneys

Defending your South Carolina Professional License

Clients with professional licensing issues who are under investigation or face potential disciplinary action including a public reprimand, license suspension, or practice limitations rely upon Turner Padget’s  South Carolina professional license defense attorneys to aggressively defend their right to continue to practice, to argue against public disciplinary action, and to fight practice based restrictions.

Don’t make the mistake of talking to an LLR investigator before consulting a member of our team to discuss the process, your legal rights, and what you can expect.


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Our South Carolina Professional License Defense Attorneys Routinely Handle LLR Licensing Issues Including:

  • Helping clients obtain a license during the application process; attending LLR application hearings.

  • Assisting clients under investigation for allegations of misconduct.

  • Defending criminal charges including claims of diversion or improper record keeping.

  • Challenging a cease and desist or temporary suspension order.

  • Challenging an offer of a public reprimand to request a dismissal, private letter of caution, or private reprimand (when provided under the Practice Act).

  • Fighting allegations of misconduct in an LLR disciplinary proceeding  before the Board.

  • Requesting a modification to an existing consent agreement; appealing an LLR Board order to the Administrative Law Court.

  • Advising clients whether  a particular course of conduct is within the confines of the relevant practice act.

South Carolina Attorneys Protecting Your Professional License

You have the right to speak with a professional license defense attorney before you say anything that may impact your case.

If you have been contacted by an LLR investigator, we offer an initial consultation to discuss the LLR investigative process, protecting your right to continued practice, and the potential impact that disciplinary action may have upon your professional license.

Our professional licensing attorneys are here to provide the guidance you need.  We have decades of experience helping licensed South Carolina professionals.

Take advantage of our consultation and call or email us today to speak directly with a professional license defense attorney to learn more about the LLR administrative process, and how we can help. We aggressively defense each client’s right to continued practice, argue against proposed public disciplinary action, and fight practice based restrictions.

Responding to a LLR Complaint Initiated Against Your SC Professional License

An LLR complaint may be initiated a number of ways including:

  • A complaint made by a patient or family member,

  • A complaint made by an employee, colleague or supervisor,

  • Information provided on an application or renewal,

  • A complaint originated by a competitor,

  • Notification of pending criminal charges by law enforcement,

  • Self-report.

Whether you are under investigation or facing a hearing before the South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners, the South Carolina Board of Nursing, the Board of Accountancy, the Board of Dentistry or any other LLR board, we are here to defend your right to continued practice.

Our professional licensing defense attorneys can also provide assistance and guidance for clients who have been referred to the South Carolina Recovering Professionals Program.

Our team is routinely retained by professional liability carriers facing malpractice claims.

Our experience will prove valuable to defending your LLR license complaint. If you carry insurance coverage, we are happy to work directly with your carrier on your behalf.

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