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South Carolina Dental License Defense Attorneys

Defending Your Right to Professional Practice

The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation regulates the practice of dentistry in South Carolina. Dentists, dental hygeniests, and dental technicians are subject to regulation by the South Carolina Board of Dentistry.  The Board of Dentistry serves to review and consider applicants for licensure.  The Board is also charged with regulating the conduct of licensees and protecting the public interest. 

Receiving notice that a complaint has been initiated against your South Carolina dental license is overwhelming. If your license is under investigation with the South Carolina Dental Board, our statewide dental license defense team is here to help.

We believe that a proper defense to a dental license investigation begins the moment you receive notice of the complaint. If your license is under investigation, we strongly suggest that you consider retaining an attorney to defend your interest and protect your right to continued practice.

Our attorneys are routinely retained by professional liability carriers to defend licensed dental professionals facing a malpractice claim. Our experience defending licensed professionals will prove valuable to defending your South Carolina dental board complaint. If you carry professional liability insurance, we are happy to work directly with your carrier on your behalf. Our professional licensing attorneys offer an initial consultation to discuss the facts of your case and the LLR administrative process.

Defending a South Carolina Dental License Investigation 

If a complaint has been initiated against your South Carolina Dental License your defense begins at the investigative stage. if you have been served with a temporary suspension order ("TSO"), an aggressive defense is even more important.   During the investigative process, the assigned investigator (after providing the licensee notice of the allegations of the complaint) works to obtain the facts, facts which will be summarized and ultimately provided to the Investigative Review Committee. If the complaint involves patient care, reviewing the patient chart will be extremely beneficial. The statement you provide to the assigned investigator is the first snapshot of your defense. Providing an aggressive response defending your care can directly influence the outcome of the case.  The assigned investigator may request that you meet with him/her to discuss the nature of the allegations and to answer questions regading your care. You may also be provided with hte opportunity to review supplemental records related to treatment provided following the allegation presented. 

Common South Carolina Board of Dentistry Complaints Include:

A Dental Board complaint may be submitted to the agency from a number of sources including patients, colleagues, even disgruntled staff.  After being processed by the LLR complaint analysis, the complaint will be assigned to an investigator and proceed through the LLR administrative process. 

Preparing for a South Carolina Dental Board Hearing

Your dental license is critical to your professional livelihood. If you have been offered a proposed public consent agreement, we strongly recommend that you request a hearing and appear before the South Carolina Board of Denstiry. Preparing for a South Carolina Dental Board Hearing is extremely important. Although the state bears the ultimate burden of proof, it is critical to understand the importance of proper preparation.  You have th eright to retain a professional license defense attorney to challenge the evidence against you, help you make the remedial efforts necesary to prepare for an LLR board appearance, and to have an attorney appear and advocate on your behalf. 

Our team will work aggressively to defend your South Carolina Dental license and fight against proposed public disciplinary action. If you have received notice of a dental board complaint or have been scheduled to appear before the South Carolina Board of Dentistry, it is worth your time to speak with us before discussing the complaint with the assigned investigator or making an appearance.  Our team has handled hundreds of LLR related matters.  Call us today to speak directly with a dental license defense attorney. 803-227-4254.