Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Defending Your South Carolina Speech Pathology License

Receiving notice of a pending Board of Speech Pathology Investigation, application hearing, or required Board appearance is overwhelming. Our professional licensing team is here to provide the guidance necessary to assist you through the LLR administrative process.  Our team has decades of experience defending South Carolina professionals.  Call or email us today to speak directly with a professional license defense attorney.

Matters Commonly Reviewed by the Board of Speech-Language
Pathology and Audiology Board Include:

  • Improper billing or Medicaid fraud;
  • Allegations of practicing without a license, before a license is issued, or with a lapsed license;
  • Failure to appropriately supervise an intern or aiding and abetting unlicensed practice;
  • An allegation of practicing while under the influence, DUI, or RPP non-compliance;
  • Failure to appropriately document or maintain client records;
  • Failure to disclose, or information disclosed on an application or renewal paperwork.

Regardless, of the nature of the claim against your South Carolina Speech-Language Pathology license, our team is here to defend your professional license and fight for your right to continued practice.

An accusation of improper conduct under your practice act can have lasting implications. A public reprimand or practice restriction can damage your professional and financial livelihood. It is worth your time to take advantage of our initial consultation to understand what is at stake. You have the right to speak with a professional license defense attorney before you say anything that may impact your case.

The Board of Speech-Language Pathology Investigative Process

If you have been contacted by a Board of Speech-Language Pathology investigator,  we offer an initial consultation to discuss the LLR investigative process, your rights, and the potential impact that disciplinary action may have upon your professional license (including your right to continue practicing).

We firmly believe that being actively involved in the investigative process directly influences the ultimate resolution of your case. When retained early enough, we will  intervene and submit a statement on your behalf.