Board of Physical Therapy

Defending Your South Carolina Physical Therapy License

Matters Commonly Addressed by the South Carolina Physical Therapy Board Include:

  • Claims of improper documentation of a physical therapy session and/or failure to maintain appropriate records which accurately reflect the evaluation and treatment for a physical therapy patient,
  • An allegation of false billing, or billing for a physical therapy patient that was not seen.
  • Alcohol and drug related issues, including DUI or practicing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Failure to complete required continue education hours.
  • Application hearings to learn more about an affirmative response(s) on an application hearing and to determine whether licensure should be granted.

How to Respond To a Proposed Consent Agreement and When to Request a Hearing Before the South Carolina Board of Physical Therapy

If you receive a proposed consent agreement, you have options. We strongly suggest that you speak with a professional license defense attorney before you consider signing a proposed agreement.

You have the right to request a hearing, review available discovery, and appear before the South Carolina Board of Physical Therapy.  The implications of signing a public consent agreement can be severe.  It is important that you are aware of, and consider, all of your options.

We routinely appear before the various LLR boards.  We will work with you to prepare a thorough defense, review available discovery, and work to ensure that you are ready for your South Carolina Physical Therapy Board appearance. Call us today to speak directly with a professional licensing attorney. 803-227-4254.