Licensed Professional Counselors

Common Complaints Against South Carolina Licensed Professional Counselors Include:

  • Ethics Violations;
  • Improper billing practices;
  • Boundary Violations;
  • Substandard record keeping;
  • Disclosure of Confidential Information;
  • Failure to Properly Supervise;
  • Drug or alcohol related problems;
  • Practicing outside the scope of practice.

If you have been contacted by an investigator with the South Carolina Professional Counselors Board, call us today before you speak with the assigned LLR investigator.  Defending a complaint filed against your practice begins at the investigative stage.  If retained early enough, our professional licensing attorneys will draft a statement on your behalf to submit to the investigator.

If you have been contacted by an attorney in the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, you have the right to speak with one of our attorneys before deciding whether to accept a proposed public consent agreement. Take advantage of our offer for an initial consultation  today.

Responding to a Complaint against your South Carolina Counselors License

Receiving notice that an investigation has been initiated against your practice is stressful.  However, being investigated by LLR does not conclusively establish that you committed a practice act violation.  You have the right to speak with a professional license defense attorney concerning the allegations made against your South Carolina licensed professional counselors license. An accusation of improper conduct under your practice act can have lasting implications. A public reprimand or practice restriction can damage your professional and financial livelihood.

Whether the complaint is initiated as a result of complaint made by a client, a colleague or competitor, or by way of self-report on an initial application or renewal paperwork, we will fight to protect your right to continue to practice as a licensed professional counselor  in South Carolina. What appears to be a simple process is more complex than you may imagine. It is worth your time to understand what is at stake. Our South Carolina professional license defense attorneys are here to explain the process, help you understand possible defenses, and to ensure that you are prepare for any required South Carolina Licensed Professional Counselors Board appearance. 803-227-4254.