Professional Engineer and Surveyor Board

South Carolina Professional Engineer and Surveyor Complaint Defense Attorneys

The South Carolina Professional Engineer and Surveyor Board regulates the practice of engineering and surveying in South Carolina.  Whether you are currently licensed, or submit a bid to engage in work as an engineer or surveyor with the intent to obtain licensure before you begin work, you are subject to the South Carolina Practice Act and governing regulations.  South Carolina law governing the practice of engineering and surveying is complex. Technical violations, including failure to maintain a Certificate of Authorization, are common.

Whether a complaint is initiated after disclosing information on an application or renewal, filed against you by a competitor, discovered and initiated by LLR, or you self-report, the professional license defense team at Turner Padget is here to assist you.  Our statewide practice has decades of experience representing licensed professionals and are routinely hired by professional liability carriers to defend licensed professionals. 

If you are under investigation by the South Carolina Professional Engineer and Surveyors, you have the right to speak with an attorney. Don’t make the mistake of speaking with an LLR investigator or attorney in the office of disciplinary counsel before consulting with a member of our team to discuss the process, your legal rights, and what to expect going forward.   We also routinely provide assistance to licensees who are referred to, or participating in, the Recovering Professionals Program (RPP).  Call us today speak directly with an attorney and to learn more about how we can help.

Matters Commonly Heard Before the South Carolina Board of Engineers and Surveyors Include:

Representative Matters Before the South Carolina Engineering Board Include:

  • Cancellation of an application hearing with issuance of a license following submission of written legal argument.
  • Disposal of multiple contentions of failure to properly disclose information related to prior criminal convictions at renewal following a hearing through a private order referring the client to RPP for one year of monitoring.
  • Dismissal with a private letter of caution for a client who offered to engage in the practice of engineering based upon submission of a proposal for work that could occur in South Carolina.
  • Issuance of licensure for a client who had operated for several years without a certificate of authorization with minimal fines.
No matter your legal issue before the South Carolina Board of Engineering and Surveyors, our professional licensing team is here to assist you.  Call or email us today to speak directly with a professinal license defense attorney.  803-227-4254.